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– In Tamaulipas, companies have complied with this labor right


June 25, 2024

CIUDAD VICTORIA, Tamaulipas.- The Department of Labor and Social Welfare is reviewing compliance with the payment of dividends in companies in Tamaulipas, for the benefit of workers, corresponding to fiscal year 2023, as part of the action plan of the State Inspection and Social Security Directorate.

In this regard, the Director of the Office of the Ministry of Labor, Abelardo Flores Mendoza, announced that since May they began visiting 254 job centers throughout the state, which were randomly selected and were provided with guidance and advice, as well as delivering graphic materials and requesting timely payment of utilities.

Then, in June, it began issuing 230 search warrants for the same number of work centers in Tamaulipas, of which 182 have been notified so far and dividend payments reviewed in 101.

“We have been fully aware of the compliance with this labor right supported by Articles 117 to 131 of the Federal Labor Code, and we have found a great willingness on the part of employers to comply with this for the benefit of Tamaulipas workers and workers, which has contributed to strengthening labor harmony in the state, which is a priority. To the humanitarian government headed by Dr. Américo Villarreal Anaya.

For his part, the head of the Department of Labor Inspection and Social Welfare, Victor Manuel Pérez Ortiz, said that this is being implemented throughout the state and that it is part of the program to review utility payments during 2024. Which will continue as part of the regular inspection of general working conditions.

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The public official indicated that people who have not received the utility payment in a timely manner can call the number 800 8 21 21 10 for complaints and reports, as well as the office phone number 834 31 81 033 from 8 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon from Monday to Friday, where They will receive all the necessary information for free.


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