Experts from six countries investigate seismic activity south of Cuba


Seismologists from six countries are analyzing the risks of seismic activity in the waters of the province of Santiago de Cuba, which is an area of ​​high activity.

ship trip Why not?, A company affiliated with the French research institute Evremer and the French Navy undertook a 53-day voyage with experts from Cuba, France, Belgium, Germany, Haiti and the United States, as part of the marine scientific campaign Haiti Twist.

Its goal is to analyze the risks associated with the active double fault system, located in the northern region of the Caribbean tectonic plate.

The campaign will study the tectonic history and structure of the Earth’s crust, in addition to the mantle found in the region, as explained by the specialist at the National Center for Earthquake Research (Sinaes) in Santiago de Cuba, Bladimir Moreno Tuaran, quoted by the newspaper. . Granma.

The expert announced that seismometers deposited on the seabed will be examined, while stations will be installed on land to record the acoustic seismic signal that will be emitted from the ship.

The Oriente Geological Fault, the main area of ​​seismic activity formed by plate boundaries in the south of Cuba’s eastern region, witnessed the largest number of earthquakes on the island last year.

The country recorded a total of 7,475 movements in 2023, of which 14 movements were notable, according to the annual SINACE summary.

Its magnitude ranged from less than 3 to 5.9 on the Richter scale.

Cuba is located in an area – stretching from the Dominican Republic to Mexico – where different tectonic fault systems converge and experience significant seismic activity. Efe

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This oceanographic research vessel is named in honor of the ship of the same name Porqui What?It was built in 1907 by French explorer Jean-Baptiste Charcot for use on his various expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctica.

It sank on September 16, 1936 in Icelandic waters, with all but one crew perished, including Charco himself, Enrique Diego Arango Arias noted on Facebook a few days earlier.


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