Fishermen believe that the absence of fish was a prediction of the eruption of the La Palma volcano

Cumbre Vieja volcano has already reached Atlantic Ocean and the island of La Palma acquire land. This natural phenomenon affects many island residents who They lost their home and their jobs within days.

One of the sectors where the volcanic eruption has also affected is fishing. “I noticed it, but not on the last day, since January‘, says a fisherman, who adds: ‘Stop seeing what The mackerel, chicharu, was left to be seen.”

Fishermen believe that the lack of fish was due to Expect a volcano to erupt From the Cumbre Vega volcano. The The bottom of the sea is starting to warm From La Palma volcano a few months ago.

They haven’t worked for several days and fishing is another way to make a living on La Palma Island, besides Tourism and banana trees, among other things. About 150 families depend on the fishing sector.

In the fishing area Tazacourt They have about 30 fishermen They have been out of work for several days. According to workers, every boat for every day without his work Losses between 2000 and 3000 euros Until now.

Many families were evacuated due to the volcanic eruption They went to live in the port, on ships. Louis and Margherita, 90 and 80 years old. They have been away from their homes for ten days and now live in a small boat twenty feet long. They sleep on two rugs three centimeters long.

They searched for rented homes afterwards They were kicked out of their homes, but they only found it through 100 euros per night They decided to live on the ship.

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