The Parliament of Barbados agrees to secede from the United Kingdom and become a republic

Barbados is a small Caribbean country with a population of barely 300,000. It was a British colony until 1966, the year he became independent and joined the United Nations, but continued to maintain a relationship with the British Crown as a member of the Commonwealth. Now, this region has voted for its complete independence.

The Parliament of Barbados voted unanimously to amend its constitution so that the island would receive the status of a republic. This way the queen Isabelle II will leave the head of state, which can be in a civilian authority. And if the process continues as planned, the country’s new formula will come into effect on November 30.

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All 25 members of the Barbados Parliament voted in favor of this amendment to the Constitution. Mia Motley, the country’s prime minister, confirms that it is a measure It has been under study for more than two decades And it is “a simple yet functional bill”. The only thing that will change is the head of state, who will pass from the British crown to a Barbadian citizen.

legal doubts

Motley believes that this modification allows “Closing the episode about independence And moving on to another stage of our development, allowing the people of Barbados to tell the world that we trust ourselves to be fully responsible for who we are and what we do.”

The opposition supports the government, but warns that this measure may be illegal

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The prime minister’s goal is to agree with Joseph Atherley, the leader of the opposition, to elect a president. However, Atherley showed him You are afraid that this move is not completely legal: “I have spoken to various people from the legal world…Can the Parliament of Barbados revoke an order from the Parliament of the United Kingdom?”

in statements Barbados todayJoseph Atherley explains, “We expose ourselves to legal challenges presented under or as a consequence of any action we as a people under the Constitution take if we are proven wrong.” He adds that for him, They do it at the ‘wrong time’ of the pandemic, although he admitted that he will support his country’s government in the decisions it makes.

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