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The Olympic Games are the most important multidisciplinary sporting event in the world. It is held every four years and brings together the best, most famous and most famous athletes.

For three weeks, countries from all over the world compete to get medals That is at stake in sports such as basketball, football, athletics, cycling, gymnastics, swimming or taekwondo, among others. They are demands in which they must be prepared for the most important and most difficult challenges.

Throughout history, from the first edition in Athens in 1896 to the last edition in Rio de Janeiro 2016, International Olympic Committee It gave places to different countries, and we had big surprises in sports where favorites did not expand and other discoveries appeared; But there are a total of 10 countries that can boast of being the ones with the most awards in the rich and extensive track. Olympic Games.

It must be said that according to IOC regulations, medals appear aggregated by the participating National Olympic Committees and are arranged in descending order, counting the gold medals obtained; In the event of a tie, they are ranked in the same way, with the silver medals counting, and if equality is maintained, the bronze medals.

Top 10 countries with the most Olympic medals

1. United State: 2523 medals In total, 1022 gold, 795 silver and 706 bronze
2. Russia: 1556 Medals in total, 590 gold, 486 silver and 480 bronze* (USSR and Russia combined)
3. Germany: 1346 medals: 428 gold, 444 silver, 474 bronze
4. United kingdom: 851 medals: 263 gold, 295 silver and 293 bronze
5. China: 546 medals: China has in its history. 224 gold, 167 silver and 155 bronze
6. France: 716 medals: 212 gold, 241 silver and 263 bronze
7. Italy: 577 medals: 206 gold, 178 silver and 193 bronze
8. Hungary: 491 medals: 175 gold, 147 silver and 169 bronze
9. Australia: 497 medals: 147 gold, 163 silver and 187 bronze
10. Sweden: 494 medals: 145 gold, 170 silver and 179 bronze

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