Candidate Fujimori admits there is no evidence of fraud – Escambrai

Popular support for Castillo is emerging in the face of a campaign that seeks to reverse the outcome of the official vote count. (Photo: Vero_Mendoza_F)

Neoliberal candidate Keiko Fujimori tacitly admitted the lack of evidence for her accusations of fraud against the Peruvian polling first-place winner, Pedro Castillo, when submitting a request for evidence.

We already know what they did to upset the election. “Today we need to find out how they did it,” he said in a Twitter message.

“If you have any testimony or evidence of how Peru Libre (Castelo’s party) cheated on the table, report it on your networks, pass it on to a (communication) medium or send it to us for public publication,” he added.

In the clip, she said she directed the request not only to those who supported her in the poll 15 days ago but also to “those citizens who were able to see how it was planned, and who might have seen how the trap was made.” Posted on Twitter.

Many citizens who Fujimori identified as illegally impersonating at voting tables or as victims of signature fraud, among other alleged wrongdoing against Fujimori, have denied these positions.

In the Puno region of South America, the person representing Fuerza Popular (FP), the Fujimori party, at the voting table denied the alleged plagiarism of a table member, which was invoked by the FP to overturn the action and the vote in question.

In addition, there are 50 voting records that were challenged by the FP but have been certified by representatives of that party with their signatures.

Outside of Peru Libre, political scientist Alejandra Ames declared that Fujimori knows she did not win and will not find evidence to the contrary, as at least two teams of independent experts scrutinized the ballot papers without finding signs of fraud.

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The campaign, which seeks to reverse the outcome of the official vote count or simply delegitimize the electoral process and the new leader, has international expression in a group of former right-wing leaders such as Colombian Andres Pastrana.

The character constantly makes false statements about alleged fraud in Peru that have been vigorously denied by electoral bodies, such as the false claim that the minutes of the table on which Fujimori voted has been voided.

Pastrana said in a television interview that his friend, right-wing politician Alfredo Parencia, had denounced on a television program in Peru the interference of the Venezuelan government in the electoral process in Peru.

Parneccia attributed that “there are Venezuelan hackers in the information and software administration” of the National Office for Electoral Operations (ONPE).

The “PerúCheck” press team verified that although Barnechea asserts that in the ballot there was “significant fraud”, he never confirmed the existence of Venezuelan manipulation of the ONPE programme.

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