“Colombia underestimated Liana Salazar, but in the United States, they really appreciated her

despite of The Colombian national team made history in the Women’s World Cup finals in Australia – New Zealand 2023. Many do not forgive Nelson Abadia because he did not bring in some players who could easily “lend a helping hand” to the team moving forward. One of them was Liana Salazar, who received tremendous recognition in the United States.

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Who is Liana Salazar?

Liana is a Colombian midfielder who currently plays for Independiente Santa Fe and is the current champion of the latest edition of the women’s league. Indeed, with this title, he reached third place in his record with the “Las Leonas” jersey.. He has also played for Corinthians in Brazil and at the University of Kansas in soccer in the United States.

As for the Colombian national team, it participated in the Olympic Games in 2012 and was also runner-up in the 2022 Copa America Championship, which was held in our country. Although Abadia maintained the majority of the World Cup’s player base, Liana was one of the biggest absentees.

However, the Santa Fe player gained tremendous recognition from the United States.

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Colombia “underestimates” Liana Salazar, but in another country they appreciate her in any way:

It turns out that Salazar was inducted into the Kansas Athletics Hall of Fame thanks to the legacy she left at the University of Kansas during her time in Kansas football.

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“Thank you so much, this is unbelievable, and I am so grateful to every player and every person.” Liana said during her speech. Below we show the video with some pictures:

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