Traditional Chinese medicine treats the cause, not just the symptoms

the Ancient Chinese treatment methods It spread throughout the Silk Road for over two thousand years, however Belt and Road Initiative It also promoted the internationalization of traditional Chinese medicine.

The Belt and Road Initiative celebrates its tenth anniversary Aiming to better connect the world and expand common prosperity, it has brought the healing powers of traditional Chinese medicine to more countries and regions through Building bridges between different cultures and promoting cooperation international.

In Budapest, the Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine (Qi Huang Center) in Hungary It is a ray of hope for patients who are looking for relief from various health problems. One of them is Joseph Freneau, a 78-year-old retired teacher, who was suffering from a disability caused by a middle ear infection he contracted five years ago. Since then he had to wear a hearing aid, until he visited the Chi Huang Center two months ago, when the “miracle” happened.

Chen Zhen (left), head of the Chi Huang Center in Hungary, diagnoses Joseph Vrenio at the center’s facilities in Budapest. July 20, 2023. (Photo by Attila Volji/Xinhua)

“I am very grateful to the doctors at the centre,” Joseph said. “They restored my hearing Now I can communicate with others normally.

After receiving more than ten acupuncture treatments With Zhang Haifang, a traditional doctor from Gansu Province in northwest China. ChinaJoseph’s hearing improved significantly. You no longer need a hearing aid.

“Hungarian doctors told me they couldn’t do anything to help me because of my age,” says Joseph. but, The alternative Chinese method was very effective.

The center also helped Joseph’s son, Kasaba Vrinyo, who was suffering from obesity-related health problems. A combination of acupuncture and herbal remedies helped him lose nine kilograms in one month Relieve back and knee pain.

Zhang Haifang, a traditional Chinese doctor, treats a patient with acupuncture at the Hungarian Qi Huang Center in Budapest. July 20, 2023. (Photo by Attila Volji/Xinhua)

Holistic approach to traditional Chinese medicine “He treated the cause, not just the symptom.” Joseph pointed out.

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The Qi Huang Center was jointly established by the Hungarian Oriental Herbal Group and the Gansu Provincial Health Commission in 2016. In September 2022, the Center received the “Value and Quality Award”, a government award approved by the Hungarian National Assembly and the Office of the Prime Minister of Hungary.

“This center is very popular in Hungary” said Zhang, who has treated hundreds of Hungarian patients since arriving in January.

As there are more and more traditional Chinese doctors (Like Zhang) who go to practice abroad, the benefits of this ancient healing system are becoming better known around the world.

A doctor diagnoses a patient at the Chi Huang Thai Center in Bangkok. July 21, 2023. (Xinhua/Lin Hao)

Gansu Province took the lead in spreading this healing system In the Belt and Road Initiative. By decision of the boycott, 16 centers for this system were established in 12 countries, including Hungary, Belarus, and Thailand.

When the epidemic Covid-19 shook the world, Traditional Chinese medicine has become an invaluable tool In the fight against the virus.

The Chi Huang Center in Hungary quickly adapted to the pandemic conditionsThey offered online consultations and facilitated contactless home delivery of medicines.

Chen Zhen (right), head of the Qi Huang Center in Hungary, talks with Zhang Haifang, a traditional Chinese doctor, in downtown Budapest, Hungary. July 20, 2023. (Photo by Attila Volji/Xinhua)

The head of the center, Chen Chen, announced that Traditional Chinese medicine has gained greater acceptance among Hungarians After seeing the important role it played in combating the epidemic.

For her part, Hungarian sinologist Mager Zuzana mentioned this ancestral knowledge as well It may play an important role in relieving pain and combating post-coronavirus symptomsWhich is often difficult to treat with traditional Western medicines.


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