In the UK they see a picture of Letizia with Felipe VI and come to a very clear conclusion

Felipe VI and Queen Letizia had a very emotional day on Saturday At the General Military Academy of Zaragoza with the King’s New Flag Oath for the commemorative action on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of the oath he took of his promotion, the forty-fourth of the school.

In addition to being important because he was reunited with his comrades, it was for the king Almost all members of the royal family are in attendanceExcept for Infanta Sofia.

But it was there The photo that stood out above the rest. She starred as Queen Letizia and such was the buzz that she eventually made news in the UK.

he daily Mail She analyzed a photo in which Letizia was seen smiling very much while looking at Felipe V as he returned to the box where she was waiting for him after taking the oath again.

“Queen Letizia He shines with pride While King Felipe is recognized for his military service at the Zaragoza Academy.”

he Tabloid The British analyzed look Queen Letizia repeated that.Smile proudly while attending To the ceremony held at the General Military Academy in Zaragoza to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the King’s accession to the throne.

In the caption of the photo, they once again highlighted the strange image: “Queen Letizia looked full of pride She was smiling at her husband, King Philip, as he approached her at the ceremony“.

The deed has occurred Seven months after Princess Leonor took the same step in the parade ground of the Public Academy in Zaragoza. On this occasion, the king’s daughter attended as another student wearing her uniform with her classmates.

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Once this was completed, the Kings were photographed with Leonor. Some photos that the Royal House also shared on social networks.

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