Diet that people with a history of smoking should follow to avoid emphysema

If you are looking to take care of your health through… feed It’s the best you can do. Medical specialists confirm that the foods we decide to eat are what keep the body’s immune system strong, in addition to physical activity and regular check-ups.

Diet and smoking. Source: Pixabay

We have highlighted on more than one occasion Nutrients The properties that many foods have from nature for us health. In this regard, we want to tell you today about the diet that people with a history of smoking should follow to avoid developing emphysema.

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The Mayo Clinic points out that Emphysema It is a lung condition that causes difficulty breathes. Those with emphysema have damaged air sacs in their lungs, meaning they weaken over time and end up breaking. Its specialists confirm that Smoking It is the main cause of this disease so it is necessary to do something to prevent it.

Diet and smoking.  Source: Pixabay

Diet and smoking. Source: Pixabay

In this context, a study revealed that those who smoke or have a smoking-related past Smoking They can reduce the chances of suffering from emphysema. To do this, they need to follow a diet based on fruits and vegetables, explains nutritionist Maria Jackson, of the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

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Jackson points out that diet is vital in helping reduce the risk of chronic lung disease. This reference to improving our diet is supported by a study conducted over three decades on more than 1,700 patients. Surveys and analyzes conducted on your health And diet, showed that the risk of developing emphysema was reduced by 34% in people who followed a diet based on fruits and vegetables.

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In this regard, the specialists participating in the study realize that following a diet rich in nutrients, such as one based on plant products, helps maintain a healthy body. health of our lungs and prevents future complications in our respiratory system.

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