Celebrity Melania Trump on the presidential tour of the United Kingdom

Melania Trump appears to have a UK uniform. This or what he discovered How adorable she looks in white and with a tilted hat. Because after falling in love with Dolce & Gabbana My Fair Lady A day ago, the First Lady was back for more with this one Total white So pure again, she’s the queen of style.

The First Lady of the United States continues to leave unforgettable outfits behind her a trip for the British Isle. This time with A Signed trench coat pattern from The RowWhich does not lack a matching belt or masculine lapels.

Friday’s look from Tamara Falco

The color she knew suits her perfectly and this time she made the most of it. Because if he played yesterday’s style with black contradictions, this time and she decided to Overall look Strictly.

To do this, he combined his coat with… High heels Dior classics in tone minusNail polish in the same shade Pamela Slanted by Philip Tracy. The hat gives her an elegant and sophisticated touch, with an extravagant air that very few can defend like her.

Photos | Getris, @alwaysmelania.

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