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Bloomberg has made a ranking of the countries that have best managed the COVID-19 pandemic, since it began in 2020. According to the latest delivery made on June 29, Colombia ranked first in Latin America and 12th in the world.

(End of the country’s health emergency, what’s next?).

The Bloomberg Covid Resilience Ranking tracks the best and worst places to be during the pandemic, using a variety of data points to capture a monthly snapshot of how the world’s largest economies are coping with this health crisis. ‘ says the portal.

in June, South Korea came in firstFollowed by the United Arab Emirates, Ireland, Norway, and Saudi Arabia in fifth place.

(Colombia, among the countries that have increased bank penetration due to the pandemic.)

In the case of Colombia, the country advanced 40 places in this ranking. In May 2021, it ranked 52nd, and in this latest edition, it ranked 12th, being the most resilient country in the face of the epidemic in Latin America, followed by Chile, at 13th.

next one, Top 15 places in the ranking:

1. South Korea
2. United Arab Emirates
3. Ireland
4. Norway
5. Saudi Arabia
6. Denmark
7. Canada
8. Holland
9. Australia
10. Turkey
11. Switzerland
12. Colombia
13. Chili
14. Singapore
15. Belgium

According to a Bloomberg report, these countries “They are successfully implementing a strategy that most of the world has settled on: accepting that the virus is here to stay, vaccinating the most vulnerable with vigor, and trying to resume economic and social activity as if it were 2019.”

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However, it is worth noting that The United States and the United Kingdomthere were two main countries in developing vaccines against the virus, ranking 36th and 22nd, respectively.

In this regard, Bloomberg asserts that “despite reopening to others in mid-2021, their number of deaths from the Covid virus is among the highest in the world. And in the United States, nearly more people died after vaccines became available than before before, reflecting the cost of the deep political divide that has impeded vaccination.

The report makes a follow-up call with mass vaccination For this, quotes Kate O’Brien, Director of the Department of Immunization, Vaccines and Biology at the World Health Organization: “The most important and impactful part of coverage is when countries achieve coverage of 100% or close to 100% of the most vulnerable population.

It concludes with a warning of the dangers of a A new deadly strain of covid Vaccine protection challenges and requires greater efforts. “This may be in the form of a new disease, which explains the high level of concern about monkeypox,” they add.

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