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Spanish food is rooted in essence in the Mexican palate

Mexico City, July 1 (EFE). The flavors, aromas and textures of Spanish cuisine have taken root in Mexico to establish themselves among Mexicans’ favourites, with dozens of restaurants recognized Friday for their faithfulness in replicating the country’s Iberian gastronomy. “We bring a (small piece) of Spain, from our land. I am from the Basque Country, from San Sebastian, (we bring a part) of our culture, and we bring it here to Mexico and make it arrive To our customers.” He, along with nine other restaurants, received this Friday from the Spanish ambassador to Mexico, Juan Lopez Doriga, the “Restaurants from Spain” seal of quality. This certification distinguishes those establishments that not only offer their guests outside Spain products made in Spain, They also offer high quality, authentic Spanish cuisine, with a unique and distinctive image.Maria Peña, CEO of ICEX (Institute of Foreign Trade), said: “They are our ambassadors, (…) Spain. The initiative, which appeared in 2019, has so far certified more than 120 restaurants in the world, and this year decided to do it for the first time in Mexico, where 10 restaurants and chefs were honored. “It is an appreciation and recognition for this wonderful work,” he stressed. A fusion of cultures and fraternity, Alvaro Crespo, whose restaurant Catores and Castezo has been certified, said bringing the flavors of Spain to Mexico was “easier than I imagined,” admitting that the Mexican palate “adapts well to Spanish cuisine, they like it very much.” He noted that “the cultural link between Mexico and Spain is very strong” and that cooking was a way not only of fusion but also of exchanging flavours, aromas and textures, which the chefs were willing to play with. “As chefs, we really love to play with flavors, textures, and recipes without losing the essence, and conditioning ourselves a little bit,” he said. Pedro Martin, chef at Bulla Restaurant, emphasized that despite the essence of Spain that these establishments try to preserve, the truth is that they always seek to “share” their culture with that of Mexico.” He noted that the fusion of cuisines is imperative given that Although they keep 100% Spanish ingredients, there are Mexican products that contribute and don’t remove the Iberian essence.” A very large part comes from Spain, but another part comes from Mexico: fresh fish, meat, vegetables, and that’s not Spain, ie Mexican land, Mexican countryside, and I think it’s there in nature (that fusion)”, he highlighted. Alberto Flores, chef at Bar Gallio Tapas, noted that the main goal was to bring the best of Spain to Mexico “so as not to miss them, So they feel at home.” He referred to the brotherhood that exists between the two peoples because he said “we are brothers” and what is required is to combine those flavors and textures of the two cuisines to bring them to the taste of Mexicans. Finally, the Spanish ambassador to Mexico, Juan López Doriga, praised the pride of having such important restaurants in the country “Which is very good, which competes in a country with such strong culinary traditions as the Mexican tradition, moreover, among them are my friends.” Ajo Blanco, Bulla, Castizo, Catorze, Ekilore, Emilio, Guria, Jaleo, Lur Bistrot and Puerto Getaria are the 10 restaurants that received certifications on Friday. (c) EFE . Agency

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