Santander offers an account with 5.2% interest in the UK and BBVA with 4% interest in Italy

Wednesday 6 September 2023 at 07:44

The British subsidiary of Banco Santander has launched a savings account that pays 5.20% annual interest, according to the entity. This is an 'Easy Access Saver Limited Edition' account and the maximum balance to be paid is £250,000 (€293,000). It is available until September 17, although the bank reserves the right to withdraw the offer in case of excessive demand. To access this product, customers do not need any other account. In addition, it can be contracted “online” and through the “app”, phone or branch. Clients can deposit money into the account whenever they wish and withdraw it without commissions or restrictions.

It is worth noting that in July the UK Financial Conduct Authority introduced a set of 14 points aimed at ensuring that banks and credit institutions adequately transfer interest rate increases, currently at 5 points, to savers' deposits by 25%.

BBVA, in Italy

For its part, BBVA Italia has raised its current account remuneration to 4% annual gross of the available balance, without conditions or minimum amount. It has also increased the total annual profit advance on its 12-month flexible deposit by up to 5%. This product can be contracted without contact requirements for a minimum amount of €500 and a maximum of €50,000. If you cancel early, the total return will be 1% on the deposited balance.

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