Colombia has fallen seven places in the ranking of countries with the best reputation

Colombia is ranked 52nd out of 60 countries in the Ipsos National Brand Index (NBI), which measures countries with the best reputation.

The index is based on six categories: exports, government, culture, immigration and investment, people, and tourism. It comes from 60,000 interviews around the world, about 3,000 for each country on the panel.

Colombia has a score of 52.91 this year, which is an increase from 51.15 points in 2020. However, this was not enough to improve the global ranking, as seven places fell from 45 last year to 52 in 2021, overall. List.

In addition, it is the penultimate of nine Latin American countries measured in the index, just above Ecuador.

“One of the main reasons when doing this kind of measurement is to ask foreigners and the general public whether exposure to this logo symbol represents the identity of that country, and whether it also defines the various efforts that this company is making. brand nation In tourism, in promotion, in exports. I suppose the results are due to that, and people don’t associate what is being offered as a brand with these efforts, said Julian Arias, Professor of Brand Strategy at Grancolombiano Polytechnic.

For their part, they also pointed out from Procolombia the Ipsos index, which does not leave the country in a very good position. “This type of rating mostly represents people’s perception of a particular topic in a certain period of time, and in this particular case of Ipsos, the interviews were conducted between July and August of 2021, just when the world was suffering from the fallout from the pandemic and Colombia was going through With a strong wave of contagion, among other social issues.From ProColombia, through the country brand, we continue to advance our promotion as an ideal destination for business and tourism with the statement “Colombia, the most welcoming country in the world”, which upon its launch had a positive impact on many Of the channels confirmed Flavia Santoro, President of Procolombia.

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In the region, Brazil was the first country to emerge in the ranking, moving from 29th place last year to 28th this year, with a score of 58.88 points and was the only Latin American country to improve its position in the rankings.

The rest of the countries in the region ranked are: Argentina at 29th; Mexico at 35th; Ranked 39th Chile. Peru, 40; The Dominican Republic came 49th, and Panama 51st. In terms of first place, Germany ranked first for the seventh time and for the fifth year in a row. The country was the highest ranked country in the Ipsos Index in 2008, 2014, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021.

Thus, Germany has held the record for the United States seven years in a row as the nation with the best reputation.

For its part, the United Kingdom slipped from second place to fifth place in 2021; Overtaken by Canada, Japan and Italy.

The desire to travel again increases

The National Brand Index also found that the overall intensity of the desire to visit countries around the world increased this year, if you don’t have to worry about money. A longitudinal analysis of 50 index releases between 2015 and 2020, and 60 measured in 2021, shows how desire to travel declined in 2015 and 2016, grew between 2016 and 2018, and declined again between 2018 and 2018. 2020. However, by 2021, levels of desire to visit have risen to an all-time high, following the closures in 2020.

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