The European Commission and the United Kingdom will resume negotiations on Gibraltar this week

  • The negotiating document states that border control at the port and airport corresponds to Spain, although Gibraltar did not like the procedure.

The The second round of negotiations Enter here European Commission and the United Kingdom employment The situation of Gibraltar after Britain’s exit from the European Union will be held In London between Wednesday and Friday next week. The meeting will take place just one month after their first meeting in Brussels, where both sides presented their positions on how they should be. Relationships with The Rock after leaving the UK from the European Union.

future of that relationship It is not included in the trade agreement That the Commission and the British government closed their doors on Christmas Eve 2020, because during the Brexit negotiations Decides to be governed by a separate agreement, which – which You must have the approval of Spain.

Madrid and London Arrived Agreement in principle on December 31 last year, But the final treaty is now being negotiated by the executive branch of the British community and the British. In the framework of these negotiations, Brussels submitted its initial proposal to the European countries last July, which Gibraltar did not like. It left control of its borders at the port and airport in the hands of Spain It is not the European agents of Frontex, as specified in the principle of the agreement reached with Madrid.

However, the document specified that in those circumstances that require further technical and operational support, any Member State, including Spain, may request Assistance from the European Border and Coast Guard Agency.

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Spanish border control

The final version of the proposal, approved by the 27 in October, before the first round of negotiations, maintains that Border control corresponds to Spain, Although it states that Madrid “expressed its intention to seek the assistance of Frontex” during the first four years in which the agreement is in force.

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At the end of the first meeting between Brussels and London, the British government described the discussions as “constructive” and emphasized that the UK “remains resolute in I support Gibraltar and will not violate its sovereignty.”. As happened during the Brexit negotiations, the relationship meetings with Gibraltar will take place alternately between Brussels and London, so the third round, also scheduled for November, will take place in the group’s capital.

For now, From talks scheduled through December, Although community sources expect negotiations to continue in 2022.

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