Documentary “Where Memory Ends”, this Saturday in Negran (Pontevedra)

The Nigran Town Hall Presents this Saturday from 20:00 drop Documentary “Where Memory Ends” About the famous Spanish musician Ian Gibson And that it will be in the presence of its director, one of Negran’s neighbors, Pablo Romero. Admission is free until full capacity is reached and at the end of the show there will be a discussion with the director.

Authentic Gibson literary investigator who has been in business for more than 50 years Restore the recent memory of Spain Through the biographies of three of the most famous geniuses: Buñuel, Daly, and Lorca.

hired Pablo Romero, Professor Ramon y Cajal at the University of Vigo and Honorary Professor of Translation and Filmmaking In Roehampton, London, this documentary project began when 8 years ago she met Ian Gibson by chance in the United Kingdom and his friend the legendary director Mike Depp. In Where Memory Ends, Romero travels Las Hordes, the legendary student residence and Granada With the aim of creating the image of Ian Gibson, which is why he has also collaborated with Mike Depp, Carlos Saura and Roman Goburn.

“It is a matter of pride for this board to present this film The world-renowned neighbor of Niger For his work on translation and accessibility, which also brings us closer to the character of Ian Gibson, the great historian of our modern past,” explains Negran Mayor and Historian Juan Gonzalez.

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