China calls for accelerating mutual recognition of Covid-19 vaccines

When intervening via video link at the G20 summit, the president demanded fair treatment of the various syringes and acceptance of those on the WHO’s emergency use list.

He also proposed an initiative to enhance cooperation in vaccine research and development, provide financial support to manufacturers participating in joint ventures, and ensure equitable distribution of medicines to poor countries.

He called for the support of the World Trade Organization to make a quick decision on exemption of intellectual property rights on the immune preparations against COVID-19, and to encourage technology transfer in this field and the stable flow of raw materials.

On the other hand, Xi refused to form circles and asserted that it would harm scientific and technological innovation.

He said that “forming exclusive blocs or even drawing ideological lines will only lead to division and create more obstacles,” and demanded that the G20 (Group of Twenty) take responsibility for the changes arising from the pandemic.

He called for defending openness, inclusiveness, win-win cooperation, practicing true pluralism and ensuring the proper implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Action Plan.

Among other issues, he announced China’s decision to join the Digital Economy Partnership Agreement, but urged the setting of international standards in this field that respect the interests of all parties and promote an open, equitable, fair and non-discriminatory environment.

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