Pensioner kicked out of UK trailer park where he lived for 51 years

From the direction of the caravan park Hanlev Holiday Park in Kilkell (Northern Ireland) Retired David Capper’s caravan has been withdrawn, 80 years old. The homeowner had been given notice about a month ago that he had to buy a new caravan or else it would be removed from the complex.

The average cost of a new caravan that complies with the regulations for this type of housing is 30 thousand pounds In the UK and Capper couldn’t afford that push, so Hanlieve Holiday Park decided to turn its back A customer who has been using this space for 51 years He removed his possessions with a crane.

The son of the affected person acts as a spokesperson

David Caper, the victim’s son, attended Belfast Live Explaining the situation and commenting on his father’s reactions: “I can’t believe the way my father was treated at this trailer park after he’s been there for 51 years and being a loyal customer.”

He also highlighted the lack of tact that the company running intrigues had with his father: “We’re told the park will give you a £1,000 discount if you buy a new oneHe said. He regretted the facts, as he considered them grossly unfair: “A person of my father’s age is being asked to hand over that sum of money in such a short time. it’s sillycommented.

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Capper explained that this problem was affecting other caravan owners in Northern Ireland and that he called for a solution: “It is not only Shanliev that is doing this to their owners, it is happening all over the country and ruining the lives of people who have invested thousands in these caravans.”

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This is not the first time this has happened. At the beginning of this year, the number of caravan owners reached 106 caravan owners. Kingfisher Caravan Park Lincolnshire was dismayed and announced that they would take the matter to court after the park made the decision to remove all caravans that had had more than 20 years of operation.

The caravan had great sentimental value

Finally, David Capper commented that his father was “very upset”. And since that caravan was very important to his family: “This caravan is special, our family grew up in it, we spent a lot of time in it, especially in the summer. There are so many memories and the sentimental value you have for my father is immeasurable. “There were memories of my mother and now they are all gone,” said the victim’s son.

As commented on it His father invested a lot of money to keep the caravan in good shapeHe thinks it is unfair to get rid of it now and buy a new one and more to face a payment of close to 30,000 pounds to continue owning his plot of land.

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