Channing Tatum reveals the ‘hot dance’ he’ll be starring in ‘Magic Mike 3’: ‘Intimate and Direct’

After the success of the first batch of ‘Magic Mike’ In 2012, Channing Tatum He showed his skills as a stripper on the big screen.

Three years later, in 2015, he returned with a sequel in “Magic Mike XXL”, Now she is preparing for what will be The last movie of the franchise with “Magic Mike’s Last Dance” Directed by Steven Soderbergh.

However, the translator progress this in this new delivery we will see A scene like never before So far in any of the above. This was confirmed during an interview with ET

Magic Mike XXL | Warner Bros.

In the scene, as expected, we’ll see Tatum dancing. But what’s new is that It’s going to be a sexy dance. “You’ve seen me dance on stage, but You’ve never seen me dance so sexy, intimate, and straight”. “I have very crazy dance who opens the movie ”, “We will start from a fairly strong level Then at the end I was doing a version of water dance. There is a watery scene in the movie, so it’s real”.

In addition, the theatrical production of “Magic Mike Live”was carrying the offer By Tatum on an international tour from Las Vegas, passing through the UK all the way to Australia and Germany. But now too seeks to bring the show to All North America During an intense tour that will begin October 13 in Miami. “We didn’t even know we were going to do a live show for the first movie and then we ended up in Vegas.”

The show, which was not initially planned, ended in success. “This showed that we all fell in love and thought, ‘We have to take a tour of America,’ ‘We want to take it to everyone, you know, all over America because it’s medicine. It is medicine for the soul. “

also insists that it is a show For both men and women Regardless of personal tastes From each person: “I don’t care what you like. You’ll go and have the time of your life.”.

Additionally, the actor has Close relationship with the entire “Magic Mike Live” staffacknowledging that “They are like my brothers and sisters. We are like a small family.”

Tatum also teased a potential performance on the show: “There are two dances on the live show, since the first time we set it up, I was like, ‘”Well, I will at some point!“I confessed.” I promised all the dancers, I told them “I’m going to dance with you”.

The team they make up Consists of the best dancers In his field, he also gives great importance to personal character: “We do extensive interviews with these men to get to know them. How is their relationship with their mother? Do they really respect women?” This is our program completely different.”, He says. “We did, I think, a really special job.”

As for the release date of ‘Magic Mike 3’, the premiere is expected in 2023.

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