According to Harvard University, the best exercise to stay fit for the rest of your life is the calmest

No doubt any sport is good but, What if it was the best Exercise to keep fit It was also very calm and relaxing. It would be everyone’s dream, not to have to jump nonstop, lift weights to exhaustion, heat up in the gym…

Well, Harvard University made it a reality, because according to one of her posts in Medical Journal It turns out that Tai Chi It’s the best thing to do not just for him Maintain good physical conditionbut it’s a sport that can be Even at the most advanced ages And continue to receive your benefits.

Basically, those who practice tai chi can stay in shape for the rest of your life, Plus, Reduce stress and anxiety And spend a few minutes of calm and intense peace. Is there anything better? Mostly not.

This ancient martial art is proven to help Improve muscle strength Both upper and lower body and even the heart. Experts came to compare Regular practice of tai chi with Endurance training.

also Improves flexibility and balancesomething that diminishes over the years and is implemented more quickly, can work as exerciseTherefore, it can serve as a cardio for those who cannot perform stronger sports. Not surprisingly, it is considered the best exercise in shape, or at least one of them, With so many benefits and the fact that it is suitable for all ages and situations.

and how No machines, no equipment, no specific place are needed To do this, there are no valid excuses not to start trying it out. It’s the perfect combination of exercise and meditation. Of course you can’t ask for more than that.

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