Castillo joins the government and the Fujimori pressure court in Peru

Castillo’s economic spokesman, Pedro Frank, called for waiting quietly for the announcement of the winner of the June 6 ballot and to refrain from accusations of fraud – which Fujimori uses to cancel rural teacher votes – and harassment and pressure on electoral authorities.

“Peruvians need calm, that this shut down and that the political forces make an effort to come to terms to be able to form a government of national unity where we are all heading in one direction, which is to solve Peru’s great problems,” he said.

He specified that social and commercial sectors and even other political forces should be involved in this manager and warned that instability harms the economy and worries investors.

“Our central ideas are open to a great alliance that will generate the changes that Peru needs,” said a member of the New Peruvian Movement (NP), an ally of Castillo.

He also explained that “We don’t want the same economic model, or we maintain the same (neoliberal) economic policy, the Peruvian people want changes, they want to confront inequality, decent employment for all, support for small businesses and health funds. “.

Frank also said that in recent days he had contacts with businessmen and gave a presentation in front of an audience of a thousand businessmen organized by a financial institution, which he believes was well received.

He noted that the country’s urgency must be addressed urgently, such as accelerating vaccination against Covid-19 and revitalizing the economy in the face of the dangerous situation caused by the pandemic, as well as starting to close the existing large inequality.

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Regarding the tense wait for the announcement of the winner, “We have to wait quietly, although in my opinion and the opinion of all specialists, the outcome appears to be irreversible in Castillo’s favour,” he said, speaking of leaving aside the aggressive and false allegations of fraud that Fujimori made.

These actions translate into pressure, harassment and even personal pressure, which was joined by right-wing writer Mario Vargas Llosa yesterday in endorsing Keiko Fujimori’s allegations and attacking Castillo.

As it turns out, to this is added personal and non-public pressures, in favor of the neoliberal candidate, on the members of the national election jury, in favor of Fujimorism.

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