Canelo Alvarez explodes due to racism against his daughter Emily in the United States

Mexico City /

Saul Alvarez can not hide frustration What made you know that Daughter Emily and his riding team mates, They were victims of racism This weekend during North American Youth Championship. This act was denounced by the boxer’s eldest daughter on his social networks, so Canillo It didn’t take long for the message to spread through the same channel.

It all started because a few days ago Emily He won third place during the riding championship, in which Won a bronze medal for Mexico, even at that time Canillo He shared the achievements of his eldest daughter on his social networks and was confident that he could soon win the first place.

However, this weekend Emily And a group of Mexicans were going to participate in North American Youth Championship, celebrate it day Michigan, where The young woman aspired to win the competitionBut everything fell apart His horse has been disqualified, because It is assumed that it does not meet certain criteria, according to US authorities.

the Canelo’s eldest daughter He mentioned that before the tournament the vets told him that His horse can compete without problems, but according to Emily The judges went beyond the guidelines to not allow her to participate.

We hate the way they treat usEspecially one of my friends. An FEI officer and other US cyclists mocked him because he couldn’t speak English And as far as I know too They were racist and disrespectful. We all feel uncomfortable here.

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“We did a 2,300-mile ride with our horses and it’s also huge hard work from our parents and coaches, and it seemed like they didn’t even care. They made us feel that it is an honor to come to the United States as Latinos. Today they were racist with us. They have offended our nation and my country“, books Emily on their Instagram stories.

Kanello’s annoyance

after what happened Canelo Alvarez He shared the stories posted by his daughter on his social networks, in order to spread the word about what happened, though The boxer ended with the following message: “Damn liars.”.

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