WhatsApp Trick: How to know which name and photo are saved on your mobile phone

The mobile phone has gone from being a minor item that we carry with us only for emergencies – the beginning of the end for phone kiosks – to becoming an extension of ourselves. It is evident that everyone customizes it to their liking, from the wallpapers to the melodies, the ringtones, the applications they use, etc.

As well as the way you save your contacts in the phonebook.

WhatsApp tricks

There are those who write the name of the other person as it is; There are those who add things like the name of the school or university with which that person happened to distinguish it from another with the same name; There are those who give funny, affectionate or bad nicknames. This also happens in WhatsApp of course.

Have you ever wondered How do your contacts call / nickname you on WhatsApp? Under what name (and photo) was your number registered? You can find out this way.

There is a certain element to this “trick”: that it doesn’t need to install anything extra, and it’s valid for both Android and iOS because it’s ultimately a function within the app itself. But it requires your contact’s cooperation, because by itself you can’t see it:

Know under the name your WhatsApp contacts have saved on your mobile phone

  1. Enter the chat of the contact you want to know under the name they saved for you
  2. Ask him to share your contact – You can try to trick that connection a bit or ask it as it is
  3. that person Your contact should send you, But in a concrete way: Use the “Share Contact” feature in WhatsApp. You don’t have to type your number or anything like that, otherwise you won’t see the name and photo it’s saved with
  4. To do this, your contact must press their mobile phone clip icon It is located at the bottom right of the WhatsApp interface next to the camera
  5. will open Screen to choose the media file you want to send(You): Audios, Pictures, Documents, Website… The last option is ‘Contact’
  6. You have to click on it and choose your name. Then send it.
  7. And that’s it: Now you’ll see your information sheet that your contact has on their mobile and sent you, including the name they saved you and a profile picture if they gave you one as well.
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