The emergence of Covid-19 and the actions of people of African descent in Costa Rica – Prensa Latina

The latest data confirms that Costa Rica is entering a new upward curve of COVID-19 cases, after two consecutive days (Wednesday and Thursday) crossed two thousand positive cases in one day for the first time in the past two months.

For several weeks, various entities have warned of an increase in infection, such as the Spanish American University, which indicated in its epidemiological report that the reproduction rate at the national level rose from 1.03 per week from July 25 to 31 before 1, 13 between 1 and 7 of this month.

In this regard, Minister of Health Daniel Salas considered that there are various factors influencing this increase in cases of Covid-19 and determined that “ one of them is, without a doubt, the delta variant (from SARS-CoV-2), which is already present in our country and is being Trade it in different parts.

He also noted the exhaustion of residents and even the climate in recent weeks, because – he explained – with heavy rains, many activities take place with windows closed indoors.

Salas explained that this increase in confirmed numbers is not the beginning of a new epidemic wave in the country, because the current wave is not yet over and announced that the delta variable can extend it a little more.

The Costa Rican Institute for Research and Teaching in Nutrition and Health (Inciensa) confirmed on Monday the discovery of 62 cases of different variants of importance for the novel coronavirus, including the first four cases of Lambda (originally identified in Peru), and 16 positive cases. to descent B.1.621 (Colombia).

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Similarly, Inciensa found 21 more cases of the Delta variant, which added to the 16 cases detected last July, as well as 14 cases of Gamma, six of Alpha and one with Beta.

The Ministry of Health report indicates that since March 2020, when the first positive was recorded, 428,295 confirmed cases and 5,211 deaths due to Covid-19 were recorded as of Friday.

On the other hand, the President of Costa Rica, Carlos Alvarado, on Tuesday signed the Affirmative Action Act in favor of people of African descent, which gives this population greater opportunities to access work and education.

The affirmative measures will be in effect for a decade, starting from their publication in the official gazette La Gaceta, at which time the state will treat people of African descent differently to promote justice and equality, ensure their access to work and education and promote culture. Discussion allows the full enjoyment of their rights.

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