British lawmaker resigns on charges of sexual assault of a minor

British Conservative MP Imran Ahmed Khan announced his resignation on Thursday after being found guilty on Monday of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old boy.

Khan, 48, a Conservative MP, said he would appeal the verdict because he denied the facts on which he was convicted. However, he justifies his resignation because the judicial process is expected to be lengthy.

“Unfortunately, I came to the conclusion that it is unacceptable for my administration to continue without a deputy who takes their voice to Parliament for years,” he announced in a statement on Twitter, declaring that he “resigns” and “leaves political life.”

Following the ruling, a spokesman for his party, to which Prime Minister Boris Johnson belongs, announced Khan’s exclusion “with immediate effect”.

During a party in January 2008, Khan gave a teenage gin. According to the indictment, he then took him to another floor, laid him on the bed, and told him to look at pornography before sexually assaulting him.

The resignation of this MP from Wakefield, northern England, forces a new election, which is expected to be difficult for Johnson’s party, very weak after being fined for breaking rules against Covid, in a historical bastion of the left.

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