The United Kingdom orders the council to end a 4-day working day

Britain’s local government minister, Lee Rowley, has sent a letter to South Cambridgeshire Council ordering it to “immediately” stop testing The municipal civil service worked four days instead of five for the same reward.

“I’m sure you realize that all councils are expected to guarantee limited taxpayer money and value used in a way that shows its value, “It is something that is not likely to arise if workers are paid for an extra day of work that has not been done,” Rowley said, according to the Press Association news agency.

“I firmly believe in the power of municipal councils in innovates to perform its functions, “But removing 20% ​​of this capacity is not acceptable,” he added.

Four working days a week

In the minister’s view, “some organizations in the private sector may choose to do so Experience in the “four-day work week” With their own capital and capabilities, (but) city councils should not do that.”

“I look forward to your confirmation that Cambridgeshire South will return to local staffing standards in the coming weeks,” he added. The “Four Day Week” campaign criticized that “this government decision faces all the evidence that there are four days in the week It was a huge hit for this town hallIn the words of the organization’s director, Joe Ryle.

Four days a week without losing the wage already applied in the private sector, It would be fair if the public sector was also included, he added. There is no good reason to put an end to this test which has brought so many benefits to the workers, the neighbors and the council itself, which is the money saved,” he highlighted.

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