British and Brazilian vineyards are also found in Bogotá Economie

Hours after the national government Confirmed the presence of the British strain of SARS-CoV-2 in the country, and Bogotá stated that this variant was also found in 6 genomes in the country’s capital.

(They confirm the presence of the British breed in Colombia).

In addition, the Bogotá Public Health Laboratory and the Gencore Laboratory of the University of de Los Andes reported the presence of 5 genomes of the P1 variant, from Brazil.

The 11 sequences were submitted for review by the International Genetic Influenza Data Sharing Initiative (GISAID) for their abbreviation in English and today, Saturday, April 17th, they were accepted by this platform as all the world’s genome sequences were recorded in the report and indicated..

District mentioned that Each of the subjects detected in these variants was isolated, and they were followed up according to epidemiological protocols.

“The arrival of new variants in Bogota is a reality. We have to take care of ourselves, so that we can progress very quickly and to the best of our abilities with the vaccination process.”Said Alejandro Gómez, Bogota’s Minister of Health.

Entities have added that 3 individuals with a variant from the UK were identified by routine checks by the local health secretary, as part of the DAR strategy, and are consistent with individuals with a recent history of travel to the US.

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