6 ways you can earn money using the app

The WhatsApp The way we communicate and send information has improved, but this is a well-kept secret a program can you Earn money indirectly To use it, we will tell you 6 ways From which you can create a file A little money.

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Affiliate Marketing

Via Affiliate Marketing Various products and services are promoted, and if you get a conversion, you generate a commission. This can be done through a combination of The WhatsApp Make it a convenient place, for example: a specialist tech kit. You can promote multiple devices, it’s important to add value before sharing a file Link Subsidiary.

You can also participate Affiliate links Through stories The WhatsApp Or countries, to promote your products, it is advised to join the affiliate program Amazon.

Share links

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Short link

The Short link Is a way to place a file Broad link. Whenever someone creates one of these, it shows ads and redirects to the homepage. You can share it with your contacts and if they pay it, they pay you. This is called Passive income It is the easiest way to create Capital Across The WhatsApp.

Cross promotion

Someone wins Capital Through their blogs or channels Youtube, On the Cross promotion. Use a group to share your posts and send traffic to your blog or channel.


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Marketing and WhatsApp

If you have a group that everyone is interested in with your product, you can reach out to brands to take care of you. This is an opportunity for that instead of participating Affiliate links, Promotions brands. It is important to increase your audience The WhatsApp And find the right way to collaborate with brands.

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Forwarding applications

There are apps in the store The Google You get paid as rewards for every referral you make. Some of the applications are: SuveryJunkie, MobileXpression, and Swagbucks.


This is an app for Male in appearance Where you can share offers and Make money. You just have to share with your contacts, and you will get a commission from 10% Al 20%, You can buy from your link and Make money additional.

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