10 things to know before HBO premiere by Juan Manuel Freire

  • A decade after “Mildred Pierce”, the famous English actress returns with “Mary of East Town”

Russell T. Davies created his first major role

It’s true: Years and Years and It’s a Sin, my father wrote the 1991 “Dark Season” series, wherein Kate Winslet It was Rhett, the student who was investigating two of his mysterious classmates Mr. Eldrich, whose company provides computers for children. He was shot when he was 15 years old.

He really fought for his role in Titanic

As explained to Rolling Stone 1998But he later denied it, he was so interested in the role of Rose that he called it straight James Cameron To his car and said, “I gotta do this, and you’d be crazy if you didn’t sign me.” He also sent her roses. “From your rose.”

He worked for a short time as a poem creator

Twenty years ago, he released “What If”, a country that was part of the soundtrack to the particularly memorable “Christmas Carol” cartoon; Actually, it is considered One of the worst adjustments From the classic Dickens movie. It was # 6 in the UK and # 1 in Ireland, Belgium and Austria! But she does not like to wear it.

It is against Botox and Photoshop

A decade ago now, Winslet The “Daily Telegraph” promised I would never give in to plastic surgery. “I am an actress and I don’t want to freeze my facial expressions,” she said. In his contract as a photo from L’Oréal in 2015, it was stipulated that the company could not retouch photos using Photoshop.

She is married to Richard Branson’s nephew

He kept his Oscar in the basement bathroom

He said it, for example, on “Graham Norton” (see the video below). There he left the Oscar he won in 2009 for “The Reader” so that all of his guests could enjoy their moment of glory in front of a mirror. “You can see who did it, because they flushed the toilet and then five minutes pass. You’re playing with Oscar.”

Try to “capture” the memories of each shot

like he said In an interview with The Guardian, One of the sinks in his house comes from the series “Mildred Pierce” (be warned, the taps are dirty). He also took all the curtains from the hut from “the feast”. Apparently his children Mia, Joe and Bear It was cut to fit jeans. a crime!

The promotional season gives you nausea

In it he said: “I always found it confusing.” Recent interview with “Vanity Fair”. “The hype and the squandering of money that could have used them to produce more independent films in the first place, or build ridiculous schools.”

I had problems with the accent

at A survey among American actors British residents scored his accent “Titanic” 2.4 out of 5. But he’s already starting to get praise for his Delaware accent, which is not easy to imitate, in the upcoming series “Mare of Easttown”.

It may interest you

Angourie Rice Reserve in an intimate sight

Nothing less than the trunk of a car where, in a rare romantic scene from Mary of East Town, the young Australian actress had to kiss and share affection with another actress. He explained in Vanity Fair: “[Rice] She is a year younger than my daughter Mia and I had an instinct to protect her during this scene because all of a sudden the camera operators became men. ”

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