Brief excerpts of financial news from Spain and the UK

Sainsbury’s is already recruiting for Christmas

Briefly extracted financial news from Spain and the UK provided by Euro Weekly News.

seasonal work

Keen not to lose out on the profitable Christmas business, Sainsbury has announced it needs to fill 22,000 seasonal jobs across the UK with recruitment to begin immediately. The company is paying incentives to try to get several thousand delivery drivers.

big investment

The New West End, which represents 600 companies, plans to invest £5 billion in London’s West End in 22 new and existing projects to make the area more attractive to the modern consumer after the pandemic devastated retail.

corporate tax

Under agreed proposals in principle for a uniform corporate tax rate in the world’s major economies, Spain has its own internal battle to fight as a junior partner in government to deliver the 15 per cent minimum sooner rather than later.

bank profits

Now this European Central Bank BBVA and Santander have lifted restrictions on paying dividends to shareholders, which were imposed at the height of the pandemic to bolster funds, and BBVA and Santander have confirmed their intention to pay up to 40 percent of dividends in cash.


225 million euros is the amount that Japan’s Nippon Steel hopes to achieve from the sale of its 7.9 percent stake in Spanish steel giant Aserinox.

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