Ben Affleck talks about his work on The Flash – Spoiler Time

After his sudden departure from the world of cinema, Capital where Ben Affleck can explain Batman On three occasions, the Californian actor wore a costume The Dark Knight In the new movie Sparkle from the director Andy Muschietti.

In this new project, share a screen with him Ezra Miller In a small interview for diverseAnd Affleck He confirmed his satisfaction with the restoration of life to Bruce Wayne. “It was a really great way to come back, like the previous experience (Justice Squad) it was hard “.

Although the Ben Affleck He did not reveal any particular details, it is very clear that he may have talked too much and that he could possibly be sued for loosening his tongue. However, that didn’t stop him from sharing his enthusiasm for being able to shoot in United kingdom: “I like Ezra I had the opportunity to see JasonWhat are you doing there? Aquaman“, She said Affleck.

It is strange that these statements were made at an event in which it was presented tender bar, the new movie of George Clooney As a director, he co-starred with him after he played Batman. Yes good Clooney He will not return to play his version of the iconic character, yes it will be Michael Keaton Put on the super suit in this new movie that will connect all the multiverses Capital.

Sparkle The premiere is scheduled to take place in November next year.

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