“Best Phone Killer”: These are the apps that drain cell phone battery the most


May 29, 2021 10:14 GMT

Social networks represent six of the 20 most demanding accumulator programs.

The experts at cloud storage company Pcloud Procedure An investigation to identify and index apps that speed up downloading phones. The study authors described these services as the “best phone killers,” and urged users to improve their mobile power consumption.

between the The “applications” that exhaust most cell phones (And the battery ratios they can consume) are: Fitbit (92%), Verizon (92%), Uber (87%), Skype (87%), Facebook (82%), Airbnb (82%), Bigo Live (82%). ), Instagram (79%), Tinder (77%) and Bumble (77%).

Likewise, experts point out that social networks make up six of the 20 most demanding battery apps. On average, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and WhatsApp launch 11 supplemental posts In the background, Such as photos, Wi-Fi, microphone, location, etc.

In general, the classification is considered to be between More additional tools Running in the background, The more energy the device will use To ensure the operation of the service. In total, 16 characteristics were taken into account to clarify the list.

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