Renata Notny has the key to following a balanced diet without dying trying

Renata Notny, 29 years old Mexican actress Who starred on our May cover, in addition to her tremendous talent in front of the cameras, she is also admired for her athletic figure, which can be seen in the photos of her trips to the beach and having fun. on Comfortably in a bikini.

Naturally, the hectic pace of her life keeps her constantly active, as she gives interviews, shoots films or commercials, attends red carpets and travels around the world. But exercise regularly and Eat a balanced diet In her daily life, they are the pillars that have helped her achieve her amazing physical fitness and mental well-being.

Here we tell you what is his secret in making healthy food an essential part of his lifestyle and what foods are present in his daily life without exception.


Diet keys by Renata Notny

In an interview with Hola! magazine, Renata Notny told the secret of a consistently healthy diet, which has served her for several years and is still valid in her life: Balance. “I’ve always said that in everything you have to have a balance, and for me the key is to pamper yourself, but eat as healthy as possible (at least during the week), exercise (even if it’s three times a week), exercise. Exercise (even if it’s three times a week), sleep well (6 or 7 hours), and above all, stay hydrated.

In addition, she revealed another aspect of her body care routine: work as one team. This means it’s not just about eating a certain amount of calories or killing yourself for three hours a day in the gym; Rather, the idea is to include all practices fitness In a certain proportion so that together they become another complement to luxury.

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