The NWS is warning Floridians of uninspiring weather for storms and hail

Before heading out to work, school, or meeting with friends, it is always important to monitor the forecast weather during the day. In this sense, the population Florida Let them look askance at the circumstances he foretold National Weather ServiceMake sure to take out the umbrella before leaving your home. the reason? Monday, May 20, is expected to witness frequent rains and scattered storms, with the risk of strong winds and hail on the east coast.

In addition, hot and humid conditions will continue for another day, although maximum heat index values ​​will be lower than those of the weekend.

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The weather was making the news United StateAs the information that has appeared recently is negative. Without going any further, a few days ago a deadly storm occurred that left many victims Texasso residents north america They often view forecasts with great concern.

However, for Florida, the week begins with a weak cold front that will plunge south of the popular state. Judging by official information, scattered rain is likely in the morning as the front passes on its way south to clear the state by night.

The front could stop briefly in a strait FloridaWhich increases the possibility of some rain falling in the south of this region. In turn, dry air will eventually reduce precipitation chances during the workweek, to the point where the percentage reaches zero by midweek. However, over the next few days there will be a small possibility of one or two showers as a result of sea breeze interactions.

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“With high pressure building from the north and dry air moving up, our skies will remain mostly sunny this week. Temperatures will slowly rise each day, and by the end of the work week we will be back in the 90s. Temperatures are high during the days and humidity is low which can increase the risk of fires.” Forest in the middle of the week. Miami National Weather Serviceon the social network sbefore Twitter.

“A series of minor disturbances above will bring small rain chances into the weekend and the main rain will produce fronts and the strength will remain north of us,” he adds on the same platform.

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