The owners of the Benidorm bar are asking Boris Johnson to put Spain on the green list

British pub owners in Benidorm have urged Spain to be included in the UK’s green list, insisting the area is “absolutely safe”.

Businesses in the Costa Blanca have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The UK accounts for 40% of tourists to the popular seaside resort, and the damage from limited tourism has left bar heads claiming that Boris Johnson’s refusal to put Spain on the green travel list is a selfish act to boost the economy with UK holidays.

Said Scott O’Brien, the owner of the Bulldog Bar in Benidorm Mirror : “Things are completely safe here now.

He added, “He is strict in using masks in the streets, and people are vaccinated quickly.”

Scott, 55, from Glasgow, has lived in Spain for 35 years but had to live on his savings.

“The feeling here is that Boris Johnson wants to keep the money in Britain with the residencies,” he told the newspaper.

I understand that all countries have fought, but it is wrong to say that it is not safe here.

Scott O’Brien

“If the UK escapes the quarantine it will make a big difference. We are fighting here and we need the British.”

Tourists have been urged not to travel to Orange List countries, including Spain, despite the official lifting of restrictions on British travelers on Monday, May 24.

However, tourists traveling to Spain will still have to quarantine at home upon return according to UK rules.

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The list is scheduled to be reviewed every three weeks, which means the next update will happen on June 7.

John McGeechan, 50, runs The Crown Pub with his partner Diane Geary, 36.

John McGuyshan and his partner, Diana Jerry

John, a Scotsman who previously lived with Diane in Leicestershire, said: “Spain is opening up but Boris Johnson is trying to keep people in the UK.

It is time for people to come without restrictions. “

“The levels in Spain are very low and this is a particularly safe area. We are in dire need of returning tourists,” he added.

Locals are required to wear masks when walking outside and can only remove them after taking their seats at a bar or restaurant, or on the beach, which consists of two-meter nets so swimmers can distance themselves socially.

The bars should close at 12:30 PM and drinkers should leave the streets at 1 AM, but that should take place later in the next few weeks.

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