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Today we present to youNot one of the most complete themes that you can find for your Xiaomi You should definitely try. It comes to b BeautifyingWhich is considered to be one of the best MIUI thanks to its high level of customization and many options.

In itself, Beautification is a theme that will not only provide us with a fairly complete icon pack. What’s more, Practically fully customizing MIUIWhich makes Xiaomi a completely different terminal.

As we can see in the following picture this topic It gives a very original touch to the lock screenAdd various weather shortcuts and specific apps like music player or gallery.

But it doesn’t end here. The Status bar It also appears customized with a design that matches the rest of the interface. Like the Control Center It has also been tweaked, as some cool icons have been incorporated. Likewise, add different Widgets We can put it on the desktop.

A total change in your Xiaomi phone that you can combine with other themes

Beautification is one of the most complete themes that you can install on your Xiaomi phone.  Xiaomi news addicts
A highly customizable lock screen.

What’s more, The settings have also been tweaked, to include a more attractive and visual design, In line with the rest of the topic. Likewise, some system apps like Phone or Messages are also customized (only if you are using the native MIUI apps).

The best of it, It is being so complete that we can integrate it with others. From the Themes app we can customize its interface, edit icons, status bar, lock screen, etc.

To download this topic You need to change Xiaomi region. In our case we used the ‘India«. Then it will be enough with Access this link And download the theme through the Themes app.

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