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Scotsman Orbital Naval Force A 2 MW tidal turbine launched from Dundee Port, He began his journey to the Orkney Islands to prepare him.

Osprey for heavy lifting Managing the operation that oversaw the transfer of a 680-ton tidal turbine from Forth Ports in Dundee to the Tay River using a submerged barge.

The launch marks the completion of the construction of the turbine that powers it TEXO manufacture. The O2 turbine will now be towed to the Orkney Islands, where work will begin prior to contacting the European Marine Energy Center (EMEC).

Andrew Scott Orbital CEO said: “This is an amazing achievement for Orbital. O2 is a great example of British clean technology innovation, and the construction we’ve completed here is an inspiring demonstration of what the UK supply chain could achieve if given the opportunity, even under the extraordinary pressures of the pandemic.

Construction of O2 turbines began in the second half of 2019 and 80% of it is made from materials produced in the United Kingdom. From Scottish steel and predominant industrialization to moorings in Wales and shovels in southern England, O2 construction is estimated to have supported more than 80 jobs in the UK economy.

The O2 launch marks the first ship launch from Dundee since shipbuilding ended more than forty years ago.

O2 has the potential to generate enough clean and predictable electricity to meet the demand from around 2,000 UK homes and offset nearly 2,200 tons of CO2 production per year.

TEXO CEO Chris Smith said: “The O2 program has provided us with a great opportunity to demonstrate our multidisciplinary capabilities and proactive approach to working collaboratively with clients. We strongly believe that moving to a zero-zero environment will provide a number of opportunities for the UK engineering and manufacturing sectors. And we are very proud to see the launch of the Orbital O2 turbine.

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Dundee City Council Leader, John Alexander “The amazing engineering work of Orbital Marine will play a pivotal role in demonstrating this technology and will help Scotland fulfill its ambition to tackle the climate emergency, propelling Dundee into a city that is becoming a hub for renewable energies and innovation,” he added.

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