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BayWa re, A global developer, service provider, and distributor of Renewable energyAnnounces that it has obtained the provisional approval of Re-force From Solar garden from Kingston, Wiltshire, United kingdom. This is BayWa’s first power resupply project in this country.

BayWa re operates the Kingston Solar Park on behalf of its client Gresham house, A manager specializing in surrogate assets, since 2017 Photovoltaic garden 15 hectares and 5 MW installed on the ground, launched in 2011.

Working in conjunction with Gresham House, BayWa has redefined both declining investor confidence and manufacturer support in Kingston Solar Park, due to the plant’s lifespan. Gresham House decided to enlist BayWare to conduct a detailed study of the plant’s power return potential.

With years of in-house experience, BayWa has reformulated a suitable energy recovery solution that took into account various commercial elements and was in compliance with the necessary permits granted by outside authorities. The final design mitigated potential technical problems while also being economically viable within the agreed budget. Since then, the project has been successfully executed, on time and within budget, using high-quality components purchased under BayWa Buyback Partnerships.

Natasha Kumar, Managing Director, BayWa re Operation Services Ltd. “Continuous monitoring and maintenance of the renewable power plant is critical to ensuring it runs with maximum efficiency and success. The Kingston Solar Park team has demonstrated this, and we are excited to reach the milestone of BayWa re’s first energy re-energy project in the UK,” he explains. In future projects to promote economical and low-carbon power generation in the country. “

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After the success of this Kingston operation, BayWa is now working on more re-energy projects in the UK on behalf of Gresham House.

Bozkurt Aydinoglu“We are pleased with the results of the Kingston Energy Restoration Project and look to improve asset performance, increase asset life, and achieve a long-term financial model for the plant,” says Gresham House’s Investment Director. We are also pleased to continue our partnership with BayWa re to implement more energy restoration projects in the UK and contribute significantly to decarbonizing the country. ”

Outside of the UK, BayWare is also leading energy restoration projects in Germany, Spain, France and Italy, its major markets in Europe.

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