China rejects and describes the G7 declaration as intervention – Prensa Latina

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned any attempt to defame and threaten the country’s sovereignty, after it criticized this bloc for violating customs and violating the principles of cooperation.

He urged the group to focus on reviving the global economy, uniting efforts against the Covid-19 pandemic, and helping developing countries deal with it, rather than sparking conflict in the international community.

The Foreign Ministry stressed that the situation in Hong Kong, Tibet and Xinjiang is the sole responsibility of their government. Moreover, Taiwan’s participation in the World Health Assembly should be resolved while respecting the one-China policy.

He also denied accusations of militarization in the South Sea and demanded respect for Beijing’s sovereignty in that region.

On the previous day, the G7 foreign ministers leveled sharp criticism of China, called on it to comply with its obligations under national and international law, and expressed concern about alleged human rights violations on its territory.

Nevertheless, they supported future joint cooperation with an Asian power and the necessity to work in the face of global challenges.

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