The first steps of the new science museum at the University of Navarra

The University of Navarra Test began Geothermal heat In the place where the Science Extension building will be located, which includes teaching and research spaces, and exhibits for the Science Museum.

The Taste the geothermal energy, Which was carried out in a place near the outside car park of Top of the University of NavarraIt works in two phases. In the first place, a drilling was carried out 125 meters deep into which a geothermal probe was inserted. This test was developed within a business day and performed by Atlántico Perforaciones.

The second part of the job consisted of testing the thermal response to terrain and would last about 48 hours. As noted by the responsible company -Ingeo-, the test consists of recycling water at a certain temperature through the probe in order to measure the thermal conductivity in the different layers of the Earth.

Tests are carried out in buildings to assess the heat capacity of the earth and study the feasibility and dimensions of the geothermal facility. The extracted information is also used to calculate how the installation will behave throughout its useful life without exhausting this capacity.

Geothermal energy is one of the most sustainable and efficient energy systems because it uses a constant temperature of the soil underground to bring cold or heat into the building, which greatly reduces energy consumption.

The construction of the Science Extension Building, where the Science Museum will be established, is one of the main goals of the University of Navarre’s 2025 Strategy. Under the slogan “University and Sustainability”, this roadmap for the coming years has sustainability as its focus, in its three environmental, economic and social dimensions. The museum has an educational and research mission and scientific contacts, and students, professors and researchers from various fields of knowledge participate in it, united by a common interest in nature.

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