Basketball: Lucas Sigismonte has been called up to the Argentina U19 squad

Lucas Sigismonte, 17 years old, Basconia (Spain).

Thomas Allende, 18 years old, Hispanic American from Río Gallegos.

Maximo Araujo, 18 years old, Atenas de Cordoba.

Alejo Azpilicueta, 18 years old, Bahia Basket.

Esteban Cafaro, 17, Trebolense de El Trébol, Santa Fe.

Ian Sereno, 19 years old, San Lorenzo de Almagro.

Juan Cruz County Grand, 19 years old, Boca Juniors.

Federico Cops, 18 years old, platense.

Gonzalo Corpalan, 19 years old, Lubbock University (USA).

Matteo Diaz, 19 years old, Priogan De Logo.

Jeremiah Diotto, 18 years old, San Isidro de San Francisco.

Juan Fernandez, 18 years old, Fuenlabrada (Spain).

Fabio Goto, 18 years old, sailing regatta.

Julian Lorca, 17, Home Preparatory School. From Miami (USA).

Alejo Maggie, 18, West Railroad.

Franco Mendes, 18 years old, San Martín de Corrientes.

Lucas Mercandino, 19 years old, Bolivar de Carlos Paz.

Silvano Merlo, 18 years old, La Flecha de Valladolid (Spain).

Ignacio Ortega, 17 years old, Ameghino de Villa María.

Bautista Out, 18 years old, Ameghino from Villa María.

Matteo Perez, 18 years old, Freedom of Sunchales.

Manuel Rodriguez Ortega, 18 years old, Boca Juniors.

Santino Romigiali, 17 years old, Boca Juniors.

Nicholas Burgos, 17 years old, Boca Juniors.

Augusto Rovers, 18 years old, Real Betis (Spain).

Jose Santillan, 18 years old, Cordoba Institute.

Facundo Tolosa, 18 years old, Bahia Basket.

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