Astronomical Calendar Today: What happened on April 8 | Facts …

In the Astronomical calendar on April 8th These are prominent events that took place on this day in Argentina and around the world.

1908. Film director Hugo Frigonese was born in Mendoza. He directed movies like Barbara Pampa (With Lucas DeMary) and Just a criminalBefore arriving in Hollywood, where in the 1930s he was an assistant director. There is a Westerners face and the police, like My six classmatesAnd Tragic Tuesday And Another Apache Battle. He returned to the country to direct his last two films: The bad life And Beyond the sun, Which narrates the life of Jorge Newbery. He passed away in 1987.

1914. The legend of Latin American cinema was born: Maria Felix. The Mexican actress has starred in classics such as Miss BarbaraAnd The woman has no soulAnd Everyone’s wifeAnd predatorAnd Ash WednesdayAnd Joanna Gallo And the thieves. She has been married four times, and two of her husbands are Agustin Lara (who gifted her the song “Maria Bonita”) and Jorge Negret. He passed away in 2002, the day he was 88 years old.

1929. Belgian singer-songwriter Jacques Brill was born. Since the mid-1950s, it has been a symbol of the French song. “Ne me quitte pas” (“Don’t Leave Me”) from 1959 became his most famous song. Other notable songs include “Amsterdam”, “La Mort” and “La vale à mille temps”.

1973. Pablo Picasso dies in Moggins, France. The greatest plastic artist of the twentieth century was 91 years old. He was born in Malaga and was admired from a young age for his early talent. Stick to Cubism and rock the art of his time with it Young Ladies of AvignonIn 1907. He went through various artistic periods. If the prolific production includes businesses like Guernica, The artist responded to the brutality of the German bombing of the Basque city with that name during the Spanish Civil War.

2013. Margaret Thatcher died at the age of 87. The Iron Lady was the first woman to rule the United Kingdom between 1979 and 1990. She joined the leadership of the Conservative Party in 1975. Before that, she was Minister of Education, between 1970 and 1974. The British right saw the beginning of fifteen years of leadership and the transformation of the conservative movement into a neoliberal force. Economically rooted. He won the 1979 election and repeated the election in 1983, favored by a military victory in the Falklands War, which revitalized the collapsing government. He won a third victory in 1987. Unlike integration with Europe, his policy succeeded in preventing the UK from joining the eurozone. The conservative intern led her to resign in 1990.

In addition, it is the International Day of the Gypsy People.

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