Russia condemns the US intervention in the Nord Stream 2 project – Prinsa Latina

The previous day, the American newspaper Politico, citing sources in Washington, reported that the White House was studying the possibility of appointing a special envoy to negotiate the project with a view to terminating it.

In this regard, Peskov said that the appointment of such a special envoy for a project that has nothing to do with the United States and is located on another continent, is evidence of the White House interference in the internal affairs and economic interests of other countries. ..

Peskov noted that Russia’s partner countries so far in building Nord Stream 2 “are completely consistent in their intentions to finalize and launch this project.” He stressed that this gas pipeline is “extremely important” to European energy security.

On the appointment of the US special envoy, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who is visiting Kazakhstan, spoke on Thursday. He will go threatening everyone. He said that this is the type of “American diplomacy”, describing Washington’s policy of imposing sanctions on Moscow as a “dead end” and “stupid.”

With the support of a consortium of companies from Russia, Germany, Austria, France and the Netherlands, Nord Stream 2 operates two pipelines along the bottom of the Baltic Sea that will transport 55 billion cubic meters of gas annually from that country to Germany.

The pipeline is due to be completed this year, and passes through the territorial waters or exclusive economic zones of Germany, Finland, Denmark, Russia and Sweden.

The project doubles the capacity of the existing gas pipeline, which has been in operation since 2012, and aims to diversify the supply routes of Russian gas to Europe.

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One of the reasons for Washington’s opposition to the project is related to its interest in selling its liquefied natural gas from shale deposits to member states of the European Union.

Ukraine, Poland, Latvia and Lithuania also demonstrated against Nord Stream 2.

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