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The shoes are light brown and beige that contrasts with the dark brown overlaid with the musician’s eye image on the tongue.

Puerto Rican artist Bad Bunny.

Photo: EFE

Puerto Rican artist Bad Bunny and German sportswear brand Adidas on Wednesday launched the FORUM 84 BB shoe – “The First Café”, which signals the cup of coffee that marks the start of the last Grammy Award winner’s daily routine. The album “YHLQMDLG”.

The sneaker features a light brown and beige color scheme that contrasts the dark brown overlays with the musician’s eye image on the tongue.

The design also comes with the option of bright blue laces.

“Since I was little I have always loved tennis (sneakers). The main details of the style I wanted to have or what I was going to do that day. Go out with friends (friends) and ask: What is tennis you wear? Share and talk about models It is something that unites us and distinguishes us, “the artist said in a press release.

“In the end, this is what accompanies the steps you take, and gives style to the path you decide to take. Today it is amazing to be able to create my own design with the same people I feel. It feels great that my next step is with my tennis shoes.”

Bad Builder wore the shoe in his music video for “I Saw Like This,” a theme included on his latest album, The Last World Tour.

In the video there are also several skaters in shoes.

The shoes can be purchased on the adidas website or approved app, in authorized stores and via Uber Eats in Puerto Rico.

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Within four hours of its launch, the shoes had sold in the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Poland, France, Italy, Brazil and the Netherlands.

Adidas forum began selling in 1984. At that time, they had nothing to do with skiing but rather basketball.

Its creator was designer Jack Chasing, who created it by thinking exclusively about gamer comfort, according to fashion magazine GQ website.

To do so, he attended several basketball matches to come up with the perfect shoe for the sport.

Chasing paid special attention to the muscles and joints of athletes, quickly realizing that players’ weakness was the ankle.

Many of them had to stop their seasons due to injuries in that area, which were treated with bandages.

This deficiency caused Chassaing to add a stabilizing element to the shoe, as if it were a bandage, to support and protect the ankle.

Additionally, Adidas and Bad Bunny committed to distributing shoes to low-income communities in need during their historic collaboration.


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