Netflix: The new category to be implemented will be movies of 90 minutes or less | spoiler

Platform Netflix It is currently the largest streaming service in the world and it knows its subscribers are completely different, which is why they renew themselves year after year to add different options and thus make their users feel comfortable within the app. In this case comes a new category that promises to be revolutionary: films of 90 minutes or less.

The announcement recently came for “Downloads for you,” an update when it was activated It will allow Netflix to choose the next content to watch, according to the algorithm. Streaming recommended series or movies will automatically download according to your tastes and past views.

There are many movies on the platform to choose and watch, but sometimes there is not much time to watch and choose shorter series or productions. So In the UK, a category devoted entirely to films of 90 minutes or less has begun to be implemented..

Thanks to this filter Viewers will be able to find shorter films. This section will be divided into different types of fictional films, such as action, horror, comedy, drama, documentary films and others., Which simplifies audiences’ tastes when viewing content. At the moment there is no date for this in Latin America.

It would be another addition to Articles of the statute, Where There are hidden icons and you can only enter with different codes Which you can find by clicking here. Thanks to the specified numbers, tapes with sub-genres will be entered, such as musical comedy, film noir, modas. Horror comedy, parody, soccer, boxing and more.

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