Highlights of social justice state building in Venezuela

Caracas – The President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, today highlighted the progress made in building a state of law and social justice, with the participation and leadership of the popular classes.

The Venezuelan President stressed, via the social network Twitter, the importance of communes and community councils, and organized popular power structures, in the transition to a new democratic system.

We have built in Venezuela the state of law, justice, participation and vitality that our people practice on a daily basis. We are heading towards a new democracy, and this is only possible with communal councils and communes.

“With the power of the people, in the circumstances and situations that we must go through, everything is possible (…), I believe in the tremendous fighting and rebellious spirit of our people,” Maduro said on the communication platform.

On the previous day, the President called for an in-depth discussion of the Community Cities Bill, in the popular consultation process that is scheduled to begin in the country next Friday.

In a video conference with representatives of the communes and municipal councils, the president called for broad discussions to deepen the participatory and heroic democracy in each region.

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The Head of State indicated that the debate on the legal instrument aims to confront the campaign that the opposition sectors are promoting to undermine efforts to adopt methods of self-government in societies.

In the previous week, the National Assembly (Parliament) of Venezuela approved the bill for collective cities, which aims to create a new organizational, social and production model to diversify the regional economy.

The Chairman of the Standing Committee of Communities, Luis José Marcano, highlighted the purpose of the legal instrument to promote the organization of communal citizens from a socialist concept of economic development.

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