Anna Putin left the board of directors of Santander UK after 10 years and was replaced by Antonio Simoes

Anna Putin, President Santander BankHe left Santander UK’s board of directors after more than 10 years, and will be replaced by the current head of the entity in Europe, Antonio Simoes.

The change to the Entity of Cantabria’s board of directors took effect on April 30, according to the website of the British company Santander.

After 20 years at Banco Santander, Putin was appointed Santander UK CEO in 2010, a position she left in 2014 to head the group, although she continues to serve on the British subsidiary’s board of directors on a non-executive basis.

Putin was the oldest member of the UK’s Santander board of directors, with the other members merging as of 2015, according to Expansión, which provides the information.

In substitution, Antonio Simoes has been appointed as a Non-Executive Director of the Santander Corporation, UK. Simões is CEO of Santander Spain and Regional President for Europe, and he joined Santander last year after holding various management positions at HSBC, where he was CEO in the United Kingdom and continental Europe.

Santander UK’s board of directors consists of Chief Executive Nathan Bostock, who will step down upon appointment of a successor, and CEOs Tony Prestige and Duke Dayal.

Likewise, they are non-executive directors, in addition to Simões, William Ferricer, Chris Jones, Genevieve Shore, Ed Gera, Annemarie Durbin, Garrett Curran, Dirk Marzloff, Bruce Carnegie Brown and Mark Lewis.

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