Noelle and Liam Gallagher working on a documentary on Knebworth’s oasis shows

Oh yeah, the many favorite British siblings are back … or something. It is known that the relationship between Noel and Liam Gallagher has remained somewhat strained since 2008 when, after a major disagreement at the Seine rock festival, they announced the separation of Oasis. However, everything seems to indicate that things are going towards a better port, because he is They both work together on a very special project that their fans will love.

As you remember, we told you at the beginning of March, everyone’s astonishment, and according to various media outlets in the United Kingdom, The Gallagher brothers “got together” to create a company called Kosmic Kyte, Which is alleged to be involved in film production activities. At the time, two possibilities were discussed in this regard, but we finally know what their plans are with this company.

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Gallagher to produce a documentary on Nepworth

When it was announced, rumors indicated that Liam and Noel Gallagher were considering shooting an autobiography for Oasis, taking advantage of the direction films such as Bohemian RhapsodyYeah , Rocket Man And many more. Ultimately, however, they weren’t too wrong, as they ran into another possibility: Theatrical project about the concerts of the legendary Manchester troupe in Knebworth.

In August 1996, Gallaghers and the company made two bids at this huge British venue. At the end of the day they didn’t disappoint, because they played the songs of the first two albums, Definitely can s (What’s the story) Morning glory?, Although it also included songs for Be here now In front of 250 thousand people, Who saw how this group became the most relevant band in the UK during the 1990s in those few nights.

Noelle and Liam Gallagher working on a documentary on Knebworth's oasis shows

Aerial shot before one of Oasis concerts in Knebworth // Photo: Mick Hutson / Redferns

Liam and Noel already have a director for this project

According to The Hollywood Reporter – This was later confirmed by Noel William Gallagher on their social networks – this project will be as well A documentary about those concerts at Knebworth, Which will tell about the path that led Oasis to play in this space for the thousands of fans who fought at the time for tickets in order to see them live and in full color on stage in one of the brothers’ best moments.

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According to the same source, the director of this project is Jake Scott Who has created music videos by great artists like The Rolling Stones, REM, U2, The Verve and of course Oasis. Around, The director stated that this production: “This is a story driven entirely by music, the experience of rock and roll, being told in the present moment, as a visual stream of consciousness centered around the overall archival imagery of the event.”

In conclusion, Scott made it clear that there will be no on-camera interviews or unnecessary memories of celebrities, so we don’t know what Liam and Noel’s role is in front of the camera. However, we can confirm both The Gallaghers family is in executive production It is expected that lThe film will start in theaters in the UK later this year To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the legendary concerts.

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