Apple will simplify and standardize data storage in iCloud Drive in May 2022

French media team MacGeneration was the first Perception Of change in Apple Support Documents It can be translated into an advertisement: the company will do it Standardize and simplify document storage in iCloud Within a year, starting in May 2022.

Within a year, everything is in iCloud Drive folders

To understand the change, you need to differentiate between two services:

  • On one side You have ICloud Drive, The integrated folder in all our devices and iCloud storage where we can save everything we want with the only limitation of the storage we have in the Apple cloud.
  • On the other hand we have ICloud Documents and Data, The service where you can share an iWork document but not save it to the iCloud Drive folder. It’s not used anymore, but an app that hasn’t been updated for a long time can use it to store its information and sync it between devices without being reflected in the iCloud Drive folders.

The change will mean that all apps that save data in iCloud will have their own folder in iCloud Drive (which can be hidden so as not to bother you, by the way), and standardize all protocols and Facilitate the work of developers.

As a user you don’t have to do anything. In a year, you can see how the additional data appears in iCloud Drive as a result of this migration, but since it was already there, It should not involve sudden storage problems. Little by little, iCloud Drive becomes an optional addition to something that’s almost a must for all of us who use Apple devices.

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Remember, for iCloud Drive to work well, it must be activated on all of your devices and have enough iCloud storage available.

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